Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:56

IJF Australia Launches New Division - IJF Living

As an established company with a national reputation for commercial joinery manufacturing success, IJF Australia has long been associated with quality products and service. Now IJF Australia is excited to launch our new division, IJF Living - a renovation and interior design service for discerning clients.

The division has been established to support homeowners, builders, developers and real estate agents in the dynamic high end residential and small commercial construction market.

Our dedicated team of construction and design consultants is committed to helping clients create homes and spaces suited to the individual circumstances of the project, and to provide our clients with exceptional experience throughout each stage of a development.

In conjunction with the launch of the new division, IJF has established a new website and blog located at www.ijfliving.com.au. Our goal is to integrate within the website a home improvement blog that provides useful information and tips on a wide range of topics ranging from innovative product reviews to general home maintenance tips.

"We have been dominant in the joinery manufacturing business for almost 50 years" states Ross Giorgio, Managing Director. "We are excited to launch a new division focused more specifically on the residential and small commercial project market. We are eager to reconnect with our local community, and through our website and Facebook page provide useful information that inspires clients to want to create unique spaces to work and live."

We believe that launching IJF Living as a separate division apart from our core manufacturing operations gives the division the independence it needs to offer custom solutions and high levels of personalised support and service to our clients.

For further information please contact IJF Living Business Manager,

Belinda D'Apice - belindad@ijf.com.au or call 08 8343 0880.