Our People


  • Ken Monteleone (1972) Domestic Sales Manager
  • Ross Giorgio (1976) Managing Director
  • John Giorgio (1987) Operations Manager
  • Gary Monteleone (1990) SA Admin & Operations
  • David Monteleone (1995) CEO
  • Mark Monteleone (1997) SA Business Development Manager
  • Belinda D'Apice (1998) Human Resources Manager
  • Daniel Grech (2002) National Projects Manager
  • Brenton Cole (2012) Overseas Manufacturing Manager
  • Peter Liebmann (2012) Sales & Business Development
  • Mrugesh Shah (2014) Financial Controller
  • Daniel Mentzel (2017) SA Manufacturing Manager
  • Tim Lelliott (2018) National Sales and Marketing Manager


IJF Australia employs around 100 employees nationally. Many of our valued employees have been with our company for a significant part of their working careers.

Our employees are experienced professionals and tradespeople who are at the heart of our operations, and whose contributions we acknowledge and value. It is through our united effort we endeavour to become a more effective organisation.

As a business we manufacture product, provide service, create employment and enliven our community because of the commitment of our employees. We are aware that our team members are our best assets, and our professional development is a clear reflection of our common interests to serve our clients and grow our business.

We utilize our combined strengths and unique skills to proactively work towards operational excellence. We believe in high standards. We believe our industry has influential impact on the way people live and work, and we are proud to play our part in an atmosphere of excellence and integrity.


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